Roof Covering Material Product Certification –  Impact Resistance

One of the most important considerations for insurance companies and building owners is the impact performance of roof covering material chosen for installations. During intense hailstorms, roof covering materials are subject to widespread damage which can, in turn, result in insurance claims for damages.

Product manufacturers have an opportunity to receive certification of impact resistance for their roof covering materials. It will be another avenue for product marketing and a proactive step toward lowering damage in hail ridden areas, as well as, reducing insurance claims from the resulting damages.

RI Ogawa & Associates, Inc. provides a Roof Covering Material Certification Program for Impact Resistance. We test and certify manufacturer’s roof covering materials and classify them as Class I through Class IV for impact resistance.

Roof Covering Certification Program Outline

  • RI Ogawa & Associates, Inc. will provide roof covering certification to manufacturers validating that their materials meet the requirements of FM 4473 and/or UL 2218
  • Using circular-shaped ice balls under FM 4473 and circular-shaped steel balls under UL 2218 to simulate various impact scenarios, our laboratory uses these test methods to recreate impact forces like those seen in falling hailstones on roofing materials.
  • FM 4473 and UL 2218 test methods provides data that offers a target with which to measure the performance of their material in regards to impact resistance.
  • RI Ogawa & Associates, Inc. will review and approve the Quality Control Program of manufacturers.
  • Factory inspections will be conducted to ensure that products are being manufactured in accordance to their approved Quality Control Program.
  • Test reports will be reviewed and checked for compliance to the minimum standards.
  • Samples will be randomly selected and tested to ensure product meets standard specifications.

Benefits of Roof Covering Certification:

There are many benefits for the utilization of products that are certified under the Roof Covering Material Certification Program for Impact Resistance. Consumers that use “Certified” products can trust that they have been tested, rated and comply with the specifications of FM 4473 and UL 2218. They can be assured that the product is manufactured according to an approved quality control program and the manufacturer is being audited to assure that the approved quality control program is being maintained accordingly. Products are subject to random sampling to ensure that products continually meet the specifications. Another benefit is that premium credits may be offered by insurance companies for roof installations using material that have been manufactured and certified to meet classifications under FM 4473 and UL 2218.

Participating Manufacturers:

Roof Covering Material Certification – Certified Impact Resistance Logo

Manufacturers who meet the requirements of the Roof Covering Material Certification Program for Impact Resistance are licensed to utilize the Certified Impact Resistance Logo to qualifying products. In addition, all approved manufacturers will be listed on RI Ogawa & Associates, Inc.’s website and information will be available to specifiers, code and building officials, architects, insurance companies, potential buyers and others.

By employing the “Certified Impact Resistance Logo”, the manufacturer is certifying that the labeled product meets the requirements of the certification program and the information listed is accurate for that product.